Basic Motorcycle Course

(NOTE: You must already hold a minimum Class 5 license!)

Course will consist of:
        • Approximately eighteen hours class room and on motorcycle training.

        • A road ride.
Minimum class size - four, Maximum - twelve.
Basic Course Details
(Local - Red Deer Area) 403-357-3977
(Long Distance, Toll Free) 1-866-357-3977

Registration: Commences 1 December

Cost: $520.00 plus GST (Visa, MasterCard, Certified Cheque or Money Order)

Registration Fee: $200.00 in advance, non-refundable.
NOTE: All prices are subject to change.
Balance due ten days prior to course commencement.

Course times and dates may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

        • Approved motorcycle helmet
        • Eye protection
        • Full-fingered gloves
        • Sturdy jacket (denim jean jacket minimum)
        • Sturdy pants (denim/jeans minimum)
        • Proper footwear that supports and protects the ankles is mandatory, e.g., a padded high-top hiker. Leather soles are not recommended (as with cowboy boots.)

          Steel-toed boots are not recommended as tbe high toes are cumbersome and awkward on the foot controls.

        • Rain gear (better to have than not)

          All riding gear is required prior to the first day of training.

          Running shoes and shorts are not allowed during training.


Learning to ride a motorcycle for the first time may be strenuous on hands, back and legs. We suggest some exercises before taking the course. Examples: A squeeze ball for hand strength and perhaps stretching exercises for the back and legs.


All motorcycle license testing is to be a Road Test of approximately 45 minute duration under the direction of an Examiner. Our site has been designated as a start point for Road Testing.

Students who are taking, or have taken, our course and want to obtain their licence should contact AMT for information on which Registry Office in our area is qualified to use our site as a designated start point for Motorcycle Licensing.

Phone Contact information is shown above.
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