"An excellent course for anyone riding a motorcycle. The instruction and material are invaluable. A great set of skills to make a rider both safe and confident." ~ Craig

"It was worth every penny and then some. Even if it was double the price I would still recommend the course." ~ Pamela

Some of the things we do.

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The long range goal of Alberta Motorcycle Training Limited is to train riders in the skills and techniques for safe and enjoyable operation of their motorcycles.

We are dedicated to reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities through safe driving on the busy streets, roads and highways we share with other motorists.
Getting Started

Prepare before you start. Write (and pass) the test.

New driver? Study the Basic Driver's Handbook.

Ready for Bike Training? Study the Driver's Handbook for Motorcycles. Free copies are available at Alberta Registries. Cities and towns are listed alphabetically.

Want to ride but can't take the course? START HERE.

Besides providing course details and requirements, you'll find this site convenient for planning road trips when you're ready to ride!

When the great day comes and the long highway calls, click through to Mapquest on our "Road Maps" button to plan your trip, then click through on the "Weather Maps" button and find out what you'll face from Old Ma Nature.

Always a good idea to take the rain gear along anyway, just in case.

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