Introductory Motorcycle Course
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So you want to learn to ride a Motorcycle?

Before you take the Basic Motorcycle Course, try our four hour Introductory Course.

The course is designed for the the novice beginner who is unsure if motorcycling is what they really want to do.

(NOTE: You must already hold a minimum Class 5 license!)

Course will consist of:
        • Familiarization with a motorcycle
        • Balance and braking exercises
        • Starting and stopping under control
        • Moving under power in a straight line and turning (at low speed)

Upon completion of this course you should know if you have the aptitude and ability to follow through with the next step, the Basic Motorcycle Course.
Introductory Course Details
(Local - Red Deer Area) 403-357-3977
(Long Distance, Toll Free) 1-866-357-3977

Registration: Commences 1 December

Cost: $150.00 plus GST (Visa, MasterCard, Certified Cheque or Money Order)
($50.00 will be deducted from the cost of the Basic Course if you decide to continue)

Registration Fee: $75.00 in advance, non-refundable.
NOTE: Prices subject to change.
Balance due ten days prior to course commencement.

On payment in full, student is guaranteed the use of a motorcycle.

NOTE: Course dates and times may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

        • Approved motorcycle helmet
        • Eye protection
        • Full-fingered gloves
        • Sturdy jacket (denim jean jacket minimum)
        • Sturdy pants (denim/jeans minimum)
        • Proper footwear that supports and protects the ankles is mandatory, e.g., a padded high-top hiker. Leather soles are not recommended (as with cowboy boots.)

          Steel-toed boots are not recommended as tbe high toes are cumbersome and awkward on the foot controls.

        • Rain gear (better to have than not)

          All riding gear is required prior to the first day of training.


        • Boots must cover the ankle.
        • Running shoes and shorts are not permitted during training.
        • Leather soled footwear is not recommended.

Learning to ride a motorcycle for the first time may be strenuous on hands, back and legs. We suggest some exercises before taking the course. Examples: A squeeze ball for hand strength and perhaps stretching exercises for the back and legs.
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