Motorcycle Refresher
(NOTE: This course is for former AMT Students Only.)

(The Schedules for the Basic Courses and Refresher Courses, plus their Calendars, are combined.)

Purpose of the Refresher:

If you've taken the Basic Motorcycle Course, but have not purchased or ridden a bike since, this is your opportunity to "brush up" on the skills you were taught. Remember your Road Ride? Come along and take another with us!

A chance to have an instructor remind you of details that might have slipped away, and perhaps a chance to better prepare for the great day when you buy a motorcycle if you don't have one yet.

The Refresher Courses are on the same Road Ride (RR) days and times as the Basic Courses.

All the rules regarding riding gear are the same and are listed below to remind you.

Maximum refresher class size, two riders.

Refresher Course Details
(Local - Red Deer Area) 403-357-3977
(Long Distance, Toll Free) 1-866-357-3977

Registration: Commences 1 December

Cost: $150.00 plus GST (Visa, MasterCard, Certified Cheque or Money Order)

Registration Fee: $75.00 in advance, non-refundable.
NOTE: Prices subject to change.
Balance due two weeks prior to course commencement.

Course times and dates may change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

        • Approved motorcycle helmet
        • Eye protection
        • Full-fingered leather gloves
        • Sturdy jacket (denim jean jacket minimum)
        • Sturdy pants (denim/jeans minimum)
        • Proper footwear (a must!) Boots that protect the ankle are strongly recommended, e.g., a padded high-top hiker. Leather soles or weak ankle support are not recommended (as with cowboy boots.)
        • Rain gear (better to have than not)

          All riding gear is required prior to the first day of training.

          Running shoes and shorts are not allowed during training.

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