Meet the Team


Harvey “Scotty” Watters is a Co-Owner and Instructor with Alberta Motorcycle Training.

Scotty has been riding for more than twenty-two years.

Including his work with AMT, Scotty has been instructing for seventeen years, first with the Canada Safety Council for two years, then with the Alberta Motor Association for ten years.

In 2005 Scotty assisted in founding Alberta Motorcycle Training and continues as an Owner/Instructor with his Company.

He currently serves as Company Executive Secretary and handles all the bookings and course registrations.


Don Holt started riding quite a while ago in the lower mainland of B.C., moving to the prairies in the late 70’s, where riding motorcycles became more of a “seasonal” form of transportation.

Don had an opportunity to take Instructor training and instructed with the Canada Safety Council (CSC) from 1992 to 1994.

With the assistance of the remaining CSC Instructors the Alberta Motor Association, Red Deer branch, assumed sponsorship of the C.S.C. motorcycle training program from 1996 to 2005.

Don is a co-founder of Alberta Motorcycle Training and serves as an instructor/co-owner.


​Bob started riding with his first bike in 1961 and has ridden across Canada and several of the States down south with his wife who also loves to ride her bike.

Bob has taught motorcycle riding with the Canada Safety Council, Alberta Motor Association and since 2005 with Alberta Motorcycle Training.

Bob is a retired mechanic and in addition to his teaching duties also helps keep the bikes in top running order for our students benefit. ​


Kerry has years of driver/motorcycle instructor experience under her belt. Kerry loves to spend her spare time riding her Harley when not instructing.


Barry Fizer has been riding bikes for over forty years and instructing for 11.

Alberta Motorcycle Training and the students of our school have much to gain from Barry’s extensive experience.

He was a welcome addition to our Instructor list for the 2008 training season and we hope he will continue to help us pass on the joy of safe riding to many more folks.


Peter (Pete) McKinnon has been riding since 1966 and an Instructor since 1995.

Pete has an extensive background in motorcycling. This includes : A rider for forty years and an instructor for fifteen, Calgary Police Motor Officer Instructor, North American Motor Officer Advanced Instructor, Calgary Safety Council Senior Instructor, Director and Course Designer for the World Police and Fire Games and Alberta Motor Association Motorcycle Instructor.


Teresa took the course 18 years ago and has been riding ever since. First started instructing at the age of twenty and rejoined instructing with AMT three years ago after some seasons off to travel.  She enjoys group riding for charities when not sharing her passion with new riders on our course.


Al was a Sergeant with the RCMP, and, after 37 years of service, has retired. He has over 35 yrs riding experience. In 2008 he completed the Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle training course, at the Ontario police College (OPC).

Completing the Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle Instructor training course in 2011, he is currently an RCMP Motorcycle Instructor and also proudly serves as an Instructor with AMT, since 2010. In addition to teaching at AMT, Al has entered the world of driver education and is a driving instructor with D2L Driver Education Ltd.


Brent Robinson is highly experienced in motorcycling, having ridden for twenty years and instructing for about seven. Brent is a valuable member of the Alberta Motorcycle Training team.


Chelsea comes from a long line of motorcycle enthusiasts which include racers and long distant tourers. Chelsea is a welcome addition to our instructor cadre.



Nigel has been riding on the street for 30 years. He is a Red Seal/journeyman motorcycle mechanic.
One of his earliest memories of learning to ride a motorcycle was when he was 8 years old. His older brother, who was 16 at that time, jumped on the back of this old Honda passport that Nigel was on. He told Nigel to engage the clutch to start moving forward.
With the engine revving, Nigel dropped the clutch lever abruptly, the front wheel jumped uncontrollably into the air. He chopped the throttle and the front wheel dropped to the ground. With his brother still hanging and he proceeded to toddle around in 1st gear with the biggest smile on his face.


Len is a retired RCMP officer of 34 years the last 17 years was on a Traffic Enforcement Unit at Stettler, Alberta. Len has been riding touring motorcycles for over 25 years and began instructing at the school in 2017.


Carl started riding in his youth, racing motocross for several years. After a riding hiatus he took the Basic Motorcycle Course at AMT in order to get road experience and prepare for the class 6 road test. A few years later, he joined the team at AMT as an instructor. Carl is also the owner of the driving school, D2L Driver Education Ltd.