This is what you will need prior to the course.

D.O.T. or SNELL approved motorcycle helmet

– Eye protection

– Full-fingered gloves

– Sturdy jacket (denim jean jacket minimum)

– Sturdy pants (denim/jeans minimum)

– Proper footwear that supports and protects the ankles is mandatory, e.g., a padded high-top hiker. Leather soles are not recommended (as with cowboy boots.)

– Steel-toed boots are not recommended as the high toes are cumbersome and awkward on the foot controls.

​- Rain gear (better to have than not)

All riding gear is required prior to the first day of training.


– Boots must cover the ankle.

– Running shoes and shorts are not permitted during training.

– Leather soled footwear is not recommended.

Check out our resources list for more information about riding gear.