“Great course happy I took it. taught me a lot and I had no problem passing my road test.” ~ Robert


“Today I thought about you guys as I veered right to avoid a head on collision with an truck on a secondary highway.I’ve used what you guys taught me here and there but never was it move needed and more automatic than ten minutes ago.I have sent 6 people to take training with you and will continue.Today, while Scotty, Bob, Donna and some of the other teachers went on with their summer day, they saved a life!That life was mine. Thank you!” ~ ​Rob


“I had never ridden a bike before. Much to my surprise I was riding one by the end of the first morning. Each day I was impressed how, with the instructor’s knowledge and guidance, my skills and confidence improved. I loved it.” ~ Holly


“You can’t fake the enthusiasm and love of the sport of motorcycle riding that these instructors show and it rubbed off on me.”~ Darren


“The step-by-step instruction and the town and highway ride gave me confidence. Excellent course. It gave me, an inexperienced rider, what I needed to get into it……I enjoyed being taught by three very different individuals. Their experiences were helpful in knowing what to do and what not to do. Thank you so much.” ~ Jeanna


“I started riding when I was about 10 years old. I always thought I was a decent rider, until I took this course. I learnt many things I can take out into the real world that will keep me safer. For anyone wanting to get on a motorcycle I would recommend taking this course. You won’t regret it.”~ Mark


“As a “green rider” this course was very informative and was a positive learning experience. Thank you to everyone for helping me fall in love with motorcycling.”~ Cressie


“I have had my class 6 license for years. I took this course as a refresher and feel it will improve my riding abilities and break some bad habits.”~ Sue


“This is the beginning; I know my limitations and will proceed with caution. This was a great start.”~ Courtney


“An excellent course for anyone riding a motorcycle. The instruction and material are invaluable. A great set of skills to make a rider both safe and confident.”~ Craig


“I have become a much more aware driver since taking this course. I was uncomfortable about taking the course but was put at ease by all the instructors. Everyone should take this course before being licensed to ride…. This has been a wonderful experience.”~ Rita


“I truly believe that this course saves lives. It should be mandatory to take this course before getting on the road.”~ Ron


“Having ridden for four years I gained more confidence through this course. The instructors were excellent with their knowledge and patience. I would recommend this course to everyone.”~ Dawn


“I came to this course to become a safe passenger as my husband was also on the course learning to ride and we only have one bike. It was so much fun I now feel so safe riding that I want my own bike! The instructors make you feel safe at all times and make learning to ride fun.”~ Julie


“Nervous to exhilarated in 22 hours. Every time I started a drill I was nervous and scared that I couldn’t do it. With the encouragement of the instructors I gave everything a shot and celebrated after doing each one. I came back from the road ride with a huge grin! I’m hooked.”~ Amity


” These guys do an excellent job. Their attention to safety is almost maniacal but it doesn’t get in the way of their true love of motorcycling and their willingness to share that love with others. Their enthusiasm is infectious.”~ Dennis


“This is a very useful and thorough course, perfect for beginners and those wanting a refresher.”~ Colin


“I’m a 34 year old female and never ridden before. The instructors were encouraging, friendly and skilled at working with beginners. I loved every aspect of the course. All new riders should invest in proper learning practices before poor habits develop.”~ Tammy


“The instructors were very patient with me and never made me feel I should give up. They spent some real quality time with me and it helped a lot.”~ Kathy


“It was worth every penny and then some. Even if it was double the price I would still recommend the course.”~ Pamela


“This is a wonderful course!!! My confidence level increased 10 fold and I had a lot of fun. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and caring people. Thank you for a great experience.”~ Colleen


“It really helped me get the knowledge and confidence to ride on the road.”~ Jesse


“I had never ridden a bike before and I now have complete confidence in my ability to ride on the road. I feel comfortable and prepared to face what ever the road offers.”~ Whitney


“I thought I knew a fair bit about riding until I started this course. It has taught me to be more alert and more respectful of my surroundings on the road.”~ Trevor


“The amount of confidence I’ve gained is well worth it. It makes me feel safe on the road.”~ Randie-Lynn


“I appreciated the helpfulness of all the instructors. They made the course interesting, educational and fun.”~ Marj


“This class improved any possibility I had of becoming an “old biker”. I learned skills I wouldn’t have found this soon, or ever, had I not completed this training. Now that I can see preventable danger in other bikers I have a firm belief that all class 6 drivers should be required to take this course.”~ Connie


“My confidence and ability are twice as good now that I have taken this course. I recommend this training to any and all riders.”~ Dave


“When I started this course I was very nervous and lacking in confidence. At the end of the day I truly felt great.”~ Ellen


“This is a must take course. The instructors were knowledgeable, professional and caring. I felt I was getting special instruction but in reality everyone was treated equally. I feel lucky to have had these instructors on my course as I have learnt so much.”~ Liz


“The material covered is above and beyond what is required. The instructors are very encouraging and like to have fun.”~ Genny & Jim


“Everything was very friendly and informal yet professional. Now I want to know more and am looking forward to the advanced course.”~ Glen


“100% worth the expense to gain the experience and basic skills to know what to do. An excellent course, I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to ride a motorcycle.”~ Vince


“I have wanted to take this course for a long time and once I was set up with a bike that was suited to me, my confidence grew. The instructors are very thorough in how they teach this course. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in riding.”~ Sylvia